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Congrats to Shane Moskowitz for breaking 4-minute barrier in mile

Did you see where Shane Moskowitz,the former Central Kitsap distance runner now competing at Oklahoma State, ran a 3:59.48 mile during an indoor meet at the University of Arkansas?

And Moskowitz placed sixth!!!! Three Oklahoma State teammates also dipped into the 3:50s. The race was won by Patrick Casey of Oklahoma (3:56.28).

I’m hardly a track and field expert, but the four-minute mile has always been a magical number. It’s been nearly 60 years since Roger Bannister ran the first sub-four-minute mile, covering the 1,760 yards (or 1,609.344 meters) in 3:59.4 in 1954.

I googled and I binged, but I couldn’t come up with an answer as to how many male runners belong to the club that was started by Roger Bannister in 1954 when he ran 3:59.4. Five years ago, someone said 1,000 runners had broke the 4-minute barrier.

The world record for the mile? According to the IAFF, which oversees records, it’s owned by Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco, who ran a breath-taking 3:43.13 mile in 1999. The Moroccon runner also holds the indoor mile record (3:48.45), set in 1997. The female record for the outdoor mile is held by Svetlana Masterkova (4:12.56).

Moskowitz, a sophomore in eligibility, helped the Cowboys win an NCAA title in cross country in November.  He won a state cross country title and four state track and field titles (in the 1600 and 3200) at Central Kitsap. He’ll run the 1,500 meters this spring for the Cowboys.

Somehow, you get the feeling that Moskowitz will go even faster. And you have to be pretty fast to break the 4-minute mark. It’s the equivalent of running 4 miles at the speed of 15 miles per  hour, or running 14.91 seconds per 100 meters. Nice goin’ Shane.