Seahawks, Sounders popular in Cabo

So I’ve been on a little R&R in Cabo San Lucas, mostly doing nothing but sitting poolside and having an occasional cerveza or whatever the 2-for-1 drink of the day happens to be.

I’ve watched very little television since I’ve been in Cabo, but the Seahawks’ 40-10 beat-down of the Denver Broncos caught my eye. I know, I know, it’s only preseason, but seems like the Hawks have got it going on.

Mike Silver, formerly of Yahoo! Sports and now working for, is the latest to jump on the Hawks’ bandwagon. You can read his story here.

And I just read another interesting story about the Hawks. Alyssa Roenigk of writes about how the Seahawks are using meditation and other methods to build a healthier franchise.

When the locals in Cabo find out I’m from the Seattle area, they invariably ask about the rain and the Seahawks, not necessarily in that order.

I ran into a guy at the market yesterday that trailed me around the store for about 30 minutes, asking questions about the team and telling me what he thought. He was a big Seattle fan, knew all about Russell Wilson, the “beeeeg and fast defensive backs” and he loved Pete Carroll. “Players, they respect him, no?”

And when it was time to leave, he wanted to know if I would go to a timeshare presentation. Said he’s throw in a Seahawks’ poncho or blanket.

Sports fans south of the border also know about the Seattle Sounders.  They know that the Sounders fill the stadium, and when I told a young waiter that the Sounders had recently signed Clint Dempsey, his eyes bulged. “Oh, my, Cleeent Demsee! The forward? He’s soooo good.”‘

Muy bueno huh?

“Mexico has nobody like him,” said the waiter. “You are so lucky.”

When I asked him about Mexico’s soccer team, he cringed. “Don’t ask, it makes me crazy. We don’t have any good players. I’d rather cheer for the Sounders.”


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