Lutes’ Frosty Westering was an original

Talk about a double dose of sad news.

On the same day Marv Harshman died, the legendary football coach of the Pacific Lutheran Lutes, Frosty Westering, passed away. Harshman was 95 (see earlier post); Westering 85.

They were two of the most successful and well-liked men to ever coach young men in our state.

Westering’s famous saying and title of a book he wrote was: Make the Big Time Where You Are. Westering coached PLU to four NAIA national titles and later traveled the country as a motivational speaker.

Todd Milles of the Tacoma News Tribune has the story on the charismatic Westering, a man who didn’t care about wins or losses yet became the 10th winning football coach in the country. Westering wasn’t your typical football coach. He did it his way, and that meant stressing his Christian faith and emphasizing team work.


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