Seahawks Richard Sherman: “I want to be the best, period.”

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports writes about brash Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, the former Stanford standout who has intercepted six passes, forced three fumbles and is credited with 25 passes defensed (second in the NFL).

Sherman thinks he’ll be exonerated of the charge that he used an Adderall-like substance and is still mad that he wasn’t taken until the fifth round in the draft. Silver writes:

To him, staying bitter is a fifth-round thing, and always will be. Yet the truth is, no matter how big a star Sherman might become, he’ll inevitably find a way to convince himself he’s being slighted — and to channel it into brash, unrepentant anger.

“Definitely,” (Sherman) says. “Let’s face it — if I had been the first pick in the first round, I’d still find something to be pissed about.”

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