Wayback Machine weighs in on Bremerton’s late, great Hal Lee

You’ve probably been debating your friends about the Mariners’ Jason Bay signing and Brandon Browner’s four-game suspension, which starts this Sunday for the Seahawks.

Hey, take a break.

Check out the Wayback Machine’s story about Hal Lee, the greatest pre-World War II athlete in Bremerton history. David Eskenazi and Steve Rudman of sportspressnw.com keep rolling out interesting stories on the greats of yesteryear. Don’t know about you, but I could read this stuff all day. The story also talks about Seattle’s Bob Galler, one of Lee’ s teammates at the University of Washington. Both were first-team All-Americans in the 1930s. Lee was a 6-4 guard. His nickname’s not mentioned in the story, but someone called him “Battleship” and it stuck.



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