Motivational speaker Lou Tice dies

Scores of local athletes and coaches were influenced by motivational guru Lou Tice, a former high school football coach at Kennedy High who was at the very top of his professional. His clients were the who’s who of college and professional sports.

Over 40 years ago, while playing junior varsity basketball at Olympic College, I remember coaches Larry Sampson and Wayne Gibson brought Tice in to speak to our team. It might have been his first or second year in the business.

Tice died Sunday. He was 76. Here’s a story from the Seattle Times about the inspirational man who was a mentor to so many.


2 thoughts on “Motivational speaker Lou Tice dies

  1. He spoke to ordinary people too and made a difference in their lives.
    I first heard the words affirmations and visualizations some forty years ago from Lou and his people during a week-end seminar in Seattle. His inspiring teachings ring on even today.
    May he rest in peace…

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