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3 thoughts on “Former fastpitch great Bob Beller dies

  1. Really hate to hear this. I read the Sun occasionally so expect these things. I’m 69 and seems as the wheels are coming off sooner now. I enjoyed playing with and against Bob. Good player and a smart player. We picked him up for a tournament in Seattle in 1972. Bob was on third base. There was a dispute at home plate. Most of the other team’s infield ran to the plate. Bob WALKED in making his way through the crowd and scored. It counted because nobody called time. That’s a smart player. RIP Bobby.

    Wally Ramey

  2. Thanks Chuck for re-sharing the story that Terry did last year as I missed it when it was originally written. I am saddened of Bob’s passing as he was not only a great athlete however a great person as well. It was a pleasure sharing the same street with the Bellers’ in Anderson Cove while growing up from the 7th grade on as have fond memories of Bob and the Beller Family. There is a saying “the only thing we can take with us when we pass on is what we left behind” as I sit here remembering the Good times of years gone by.

  3. Condolences to the entire Beller family, and as I left Kitsap in 1986 I was unaware of Punk’s passing , condolences to the Duzinski family as well. I played for the Clover Leaf and faced both Bob and Punk, never did hit safely either one! Tremendous athletes, prehaps a tourney in their honor?

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