Cavs’ young star Kyrie Irving has Port Orchard connections

Kyrie Irving, 19, one of the rising young stars in the NBA, grew up in New Jersey, but he used to spend his summers in Port Orchard with his mother’s grandparents.

The news was reported in a story on Irving, a rookie with the Cleveland Cavaliers, in the most recent Sports Illustrated magazine.

Kyrie’s mother, Elizabeth, died of a blood infection when he was four, leaving Drederick (Kyrie’s father) to raise him and his older sister, Asia. Dred, as he’s known, grew up playing basketball at the Mitchel Houses in the Bronx, was MVP at Rucker Park and the second-leading scorer in school history at Boston University. He played professionally in Australia, where Kyrie was born, and during pro-am games he parked the stroller at the end of the bench. If Kyrie was fussy, Dred called timeout and fed him a bottle. “He watched everything,” Dred says. The family settled in West Orange, N.J., where Dred ran Kyrie through Mikan drills in the backyard and showed him how to spin layups off the cracked backboard. On weekends Dred took him to the Mitchel Houses for a taste of the blacktop.

A senior bond analyst at Thomson Reuters, Dred insisted on a broad education and sent Kyrie every summer to Elizabeth’s parents in Port Orchard, Wash., where the boy paddled canoes and picked blackberries. …

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