Manning to Seahawks? Why not?

If Peyton Manning’s healthy, why not throw a ferryload of money at the best quarterback not named Tom Brady still playing in the NFL?

The Seahawks might not be the favorites to sign Manning, but if you believe what you read, they’re among the teams who’re going to make a serious  run at him. They’ve got the cap room, and the need. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes.

Put yourself in Manning’s shoes. Seattle’s an up-and-coming team with an energetic coach. The defense is on the verge of reaching elite status, they’ve got an elite running back, a wealthy owner, great facilities and perhaps the best fan base in the league. What’ s there not to like? Ah, the wide receivers, might be a little suspect, but what if Seattle could bring in Manning’s old sidekick, Reggie Wayne, as’s Peter King has suggested.

This report from ESPN New York says the Hawks “will come out checkbook blazing,” to sign No. 18. breaks down the Manning sweepstakes like this.

What do you think? Should the Hawks pursue Manning?

Does he still have some game left in that right arm? Based on the fact that he did have four neck surgeries over the last year, do you think he’s worth the risk?

Or would you rather see the Seahawks make a play for Matt Flynn, the Packers’ backup QB who could be the next big thing? Or do you try to move up in the draft to take a shot at Baylor’s Robert Griffin?

Or perhaps you’re OK with Tarvaris Jackson. Can Jackson get the Seahawks to the Super Bowl?

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