Stern: If new arena is built, NBA will considering returning to Seattle

NBA Commissioner David Stern has weighed in on the possibility of Seattle landing another NBA franchise.

And, yes, he said there’s a possibility.

Read his comments in this Salt Lake Tribune story. 

The story, originally reported by the Seattle Times, suggests that it’s possible Seattle could wind up with the Sacramento Kings if their arena deal falls through. SuperSonics broadcaster Kevin Calabro weighs in with his opinions, suggesting that it’ll be tough to move the Kings.

Christopher Hedges is the 44-year-old hedge-fund manager who has been working behind the scenes on the deal to build a new arena and bring a team to Seattle. Can he swing the deal by himself (or with partners) without public money?

If public money is required, then this deal won’t fly.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about the possibility of having an NBA team in Seattle? There’s also talk about an NHL team sharing the same building, which would be built on property south of Safeco Field. Would you rather have a hockey team?

The Seahawks,  Mariners, Sounders, NBA, NHL and Huskies. Are there enough die-hard sports fans in Pugetropolis to support all of those teams?


4 thoughts on “Stern: If new arena is built, NBA will considering returning to Seattle

  1. When we get a stadium we can have NBA? How bout when Stern gets fired we will care about the NBA again and ask them back.

    As long as Stern is involved the league will be corrupt.

  2. Will never happen – has anyone (besides the bar owners near key arena) even noticed there is no longer an NBA team in Seattle.

  3. NBA wants to be in Seattle tell them we’ll let them. As far as building another stadium, sorry fund your own billion dollar projects and multimillion dollar players. It a case of the poor guys subsidizing the extremely rich guys, so they can get richer.

  4. If a NHL team comes, they had better be named the “Seattle Totems”. then, get Bill Shonely to do play by play…doesn’t get any better

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