Washington vs. Hawaii: Game thread

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It took longer to get to Husky Stadium from the Seattle ferry terminal then it did to get from Bremerton to Seattle. I always drive up Eastlake and it was bumper-to-bumper today.

Once I got settled, I promptly broke my reading glasses. I hunted down some scotch tape for a quick fix and we’re ready to go?

But are the Huskies ready to go?

After everything we’ve heard and read this week about coach Steve Sarkisian delivering a get-tough and play-fast message, it would be hard to imagine the Dawgs coming out soft like they did last week against Eastern Washington.

Still, we’re going to learn a lot about the Huskies today. Hawaii’s defense looked really good in beating Colorado last week, but the Warriors’ secondary is a little on the short size so look for Washington to try and take advantage of its size at wide receiver.

That said, I bet Chris Polk carries it 25 times today.

Prediction: Washington 35, Hawaii 27.

And we’re off. And my glasses are still holding tight.

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Hope the fans on the north side and end zones brought their sunscreen today.

One note. After all of the talk of a Pac-16 and college expansion, Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott comes out against it in interview on Friday night.


Patriot Day: Washington’s wearing a one-time commemorative helmet: White with red, white and blue incorporated into UW’s gold (stripe down the middle) and a W with stars and stripes. It’s a pretty cool look.



Washington puts together two impressive drives for a 14-0 lead with 7:03 left. Price 6-6, 114 yards. LBer Cort Dennis forced a fumble after a long Hawaii pass to get back back on 5 and UW marched 95 yards on second possession after a 3-play 79-yard drive. Hard to imagine a better start.

UW adds another scored: 20-yard pass to Jermaine Kearse. Price 8-8, 193 yards, 2 TDs.

End of quarter: UW 21, Hawaii 0 (but Hawaii has ball at UW 25).

2nd QTR

UW comes back to earth a bit; Hawaii QB Bryant Moniz starting to get in a comfort zone; Warriors go 70 yards in 10 plays for TD. UW 21, Hawaii 7, 6:19 left. The Warriros convert a big 3rd down play (reminiscent of what EWU did to UW last week) to keep the drive going. Husky pass defense better, but still leaving receivers pretty open on a lot of plays.

Can Washington’s offense kick it back up? Coming out liek they did, it’s not easy to maintain that pace or executive at such a high level for a sustained period. Now, however, would be a good time to eat some clock and regain the momentum that’s slowly shifting toward Hawaii. And guess what? Collier just brings kickoff 55 yards to the Hawaii 37.

Hawaii’s Richard Torres comes out of nowhere (at least Keith Price didn’t see him) for a pick at the goal line (they gave credit for a 99-yard return) and a TD that makes it: UW 21, Hawaii 14. 2:21 left. And just like that, that fast start by the Huskies seems like ancient history. Pass was intended for Aguilar. What a difference between 28-7 and 21-14.

UW comes back, finishes off a drive with a 31-yard TD pass from Price to Aguilar, who is suddenly the go-to guy. UW 28 Hawaii 14, :44 left.

Halftime: UW 28, Hawaii 14. Price 13-17, 272 yards, 3 TDs. But you know he’d like to have that one throw back that went 99 yards the other way.

3rd QTR

Hawaii will receive.

Warriors take kickoff and go 73 yards in 14 plays for a TD. Time of possession 7:11. QB B. Moniz picks apart secondary. Hawaii converts a pair of 3rd down plays to keep drive alive and scored on 3rd and goal from the 2. Extra point blocked by Jamora. UW 28, Hawaii 20, 7:42 left.

UW answers with 35 FG by Erik Folk. UW 31, Hawaii 20. Price a little late on a third-down pass, giving Hawaii defender time to knock it away before Aguilar could bring it in. But Folk was there to nail it. He’s 4 for 4 on FG attempts this season.

Hawaii on move again as quarter ends. Moniz 10-14 in third quarter for 126 yards. Just completed 36-yarder to move to UW 6.

4th QTR

Hawaii caps 9-play, 75-yard drive with a 2-yard run for TD. 13:42. They use second timeout to talk about 2-point conversion play. Hawaii’s had ball 12 of hte 16:18 this half. Husky defense could be tiring in the heat. UW does nice job, denying Hawaii 2-point converstion. UW 31, Hawaii 26.

Price: 14 yd. TD to Austin Seferian-Jenkins. Nice throw/catch to left corner of end zone. AS-F’s first catch since the first quarter, when he opened game with 30 and 47 yard catches. UW 39, Hawaii 26, 10:02.
Time for UW defense to take some of the suspense out of this game, but don’t know if they’re up to it.

Gonna head down to the field for the final minutes.

Read over UW coverage later today online and in the paper tomorrow.

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