Kasey Dunn coaches against one of his old schools

If you tune into tonight’s Arizona-Oklahoma State football game (NBC, 5 p.m.), you might recognize one of the faces prowling the sidelines.

Former North Kitsap athlete Kasey Dunn is now coaching at Oklahoma State. He also spent three years at Arizona, one of his many stops in the coaching world.

Greg Hansen of the Arizona Daily Star wrote this item on Dunn:

“He was in the wrong time and the wrong place during (Mike) Stoops’ first three Arizona seasons (12-22 overall) and was asked to leave the premises before Arizona’s talent pool improved. Dunn still hasn’t sold his Tucson home, and since leaving Tucson has worked for Baylor and Southern Miss, and was with the Seattle Seahawks for two seasons before that staff was fired.

“But now at OSU, Dunn, 41, has found stability and is no longer part of a rebuilding process. In college football coaching, it’s often more about timing than anything else.”

Here’s Dunn’s complete coaching history:

Here’s Dunn’s coaching history:

1993: Idaho, volunteer coach, wide receivers

1994: University of San Diego, tight ends/receivers

1995: Idaho, cornerbacks

1996-97: New Mexico, cornerbacks

1998: Washington State, running backs

1999-2000: Washington State, running backs/special teams coordinator

2001-02: Washington State, assistant head coach, running backs/special teams coordinator

2003: Texas Christian, cornerbacks

2004-06: Arizona, running backs

2007: Baylor, assistant head coach, wide receivers, special teams coordinator

2008-09: Seattle Seahawks, running backs

2010: Southern Miss, wide receivers

2011: Oklahoma State, wide receivers

Oklahoma State (along with Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech) has been mentioned as one of the schools that might turn the Pac-12 into the Pac-16. A long trip for the Norhtwest schools, but a trip to Stillwater, Okla., wouldn’t be so daunting for Arizona or Arizona State. According to Hansen, it’s 1,057 miles from Tucson to Stillwater, which is closer than the UA’s mileage to Wazzu (1,328 miles), Washington (1,574), Oregon (1,341) and Oregon State (1,385).
Here’s another note on OSU, once again, courtesy of Hansen: Until T. Boone Pickens donated $156 million to the Oklahoma State football program), the Cowboys had just four winning seasons from 1989 to 2004. They are the most average team in college football history: 522-522-48.

Since Pickens’ donation, the Cowboys are 44-22.


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