Kelly shoots 62 on Nationwide Tour

Troy Kelly moved back into contention at the Cox Classic in Omaha, Neb., by firing a 9-under 62 on Saturday. He shot 29 on the front nine: six birdies, no bogeys. The golfer raised in Kitsap County finished with 10 birdies and one bogey. He’s five  back as I post this, but the leader, J.J. Killeen, is still out on the course.

I think Troy’s gone lower than 62 before, but not sure if he’s done it in a competitive round. His best previous round on the Nationwide Tour was 63 athe Rex Hospital Open.

Bet the guys at Kelly’s 19th Hole in Chico are smiling today.

Check out my tweets @cstarkkitsapsun from the PDL championship game at Bremerton Memorial Stadium later today. Pumas vs. Laredo Heat, 4:30 p.m.

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