Pumas vs. Sounders: U.S. Open Cup

I’ve never arrived at a soccer game this early, but wanted to make sure I avoided rush-hour traffic.

So I’m settled in at the Starfire Sports Stadium press box. Some fans are already in their seats.

Wonder if the Pumas’ fans were shocked to pay $15 for parking? It’s $10 closer to the entrance at the park, but when you get down by the stadium, it’s $15. King County Parks and Rec, not the Sounders, are charging for parking. Starfire Sports, a non-profit group,  operates the complex. Parking would have been free in Bremerton. Looks it’ll be a full house (I’ve been told capacity is 4,500).

We’ll check back later with some updates. In the meantime, here’s some links to some stories in case you missed them:

In this column, I wrote about the David vs. Goliath aspect of the match, and tried to make an argument that the game should have been played in Bremerton.

The Pumas have some Sounders’ connections — goalkeeper Bryan Meredith was drafted by the Sounders; coach Peter Fewing is a broadcast analyst for the Sounders and defender Daniel Scott’s brother, Zach Scott, plays for the Sounders. Here’s a story on the Scott brothers that appeared in today’s paper.

The Everett Herald has this piece on Fewing, who said: “The fact that the Sounders are the Sounders and we’re the Kitsap Pumas, and there’s a massive gap between us. On every level they’re beyond us. And all of our guys would love to be wearing a Sounders jersey at some point.”

LIVE STREAMING: Tonight’s game will be live streamed by SoundersFC.com and is being broadcast by Arlo White, the Sounders’ regular broadcaster. It’s also being streamed (audio only) by KMAS.com.

SOUNDERS LINEUP: Terry Boss, GK; Zach Scott, D (Cpt.); Leo Gonzalez, D; Taylor Graham, D; Michael Tetteh, D; David Estrada, M; Osvaldo Alonso, M; Mike Seamon, M; Miguel Montano, M; Mike Fucito, F; Nate Jaqua, F. Subs (only 3 can play according to US Cup rules: Josh Ford, GK; Servando Carracso, Roger Levesque, Lamar Neagle, Pat Noonan, Jeff Parke, Tyson Wahl.

Alonso has started all 18 games for the Sounders and played more minutes than anyone except GK Kasey Keller. Jaqua’s started five games and played in 15; Fucito has started six games and played in nine; Gonzales has started nine games and played in 11; Scott has started three and played in four. The other starters are primarily reserves.

PUMAS LINEUP: Bryan Meredith, GK: Stephen Mohn, D; Taylor Hyde, D; Dan Scott, D (Capt); Mark Lee, D; Matt Friesen, M; Nik Besagno, M (Cpt); Elliott Fauske, M; Cameron Hepple, M; Robert Christner, F; Bryan Burke, F. Subs: Zac Lubink GK; David Gray, Warlen Silva, Samuel Roco, Tye Perdido, Chris Andre, Kendell McFayden.

STRATEGY: Look for the Pumas to be a little conservative. Someone suggested they might open in a 4-5-1 alignment. That’s four defenders, five midfielders and one forward.

ODDS AND ENDS: The winner will take on the LA Galaxy-LA Blues winner in the quarterfinals. Kitsap would travel to Fullerton, Calif. to play the Galaxy but would host the Blues if it can pull off the upset. … The Pumas and Chicago Fire are the only PDL clubs left in the tournament. … Kitsap lost in the first round of the US Cup the past two years, losing to the now MLS Portland Timbers in 2009 and 2010.

GAME ON: The Sounders uniforms are so bright it looks like they’re powered by neon lights. The Pumas are in their blue shorts and white jerseys with blue hoops.

UPDATE: At the 25-minute mark, the Pumas have created more chances and see to have the Sounders back on their heels a bit. Kitsap’s Cameron Hepple and forward Bryan Burke have taken advantage of their speed to make some things happen. Defensively, the Pumas were shaky in the opening minutes as Seattle attacked the middle wtith long passes. But they’ve tightened up and defended the middle nicely. Still scoreless.

GOAL: Mike Fucito scores in 39th minute for Sounders. Gonzales almost gets another in the 40th minute, but GK Meredith makes a great save. 1-0. Pumas might be running out of gas. Their energy level doens’t seem as great as it was.

YELLOW CARD: Taylor Hyde gets carded after a foul. Sounders free kick from abou 10 yards outside the box. No. 2 takes shot, high and wide.

ALMOST: Pumas Burke rushes a shot. He’s wide right. I think he was surprised to find himself so open in front of the net.

HALFTIME: Sounders 1, Pumas 0.

SECOND HALF STARTS: From Jimmy Gabriel to Alan Hinton to Kasey Keller, all spectators, they’re all impressed with the Pumas’ performance thus far. “Burke’s driving ’em crazy,” Hinton said of the Pumas lone forward.

SOUNDERS SUB: Pat Noonan for David Estrada in the 54th minute for Sounders.

NEAR MISS: Zach Scott’s header off a corner goes over the goal in the 59th minute. The best opportunity of the half thus far.

FUCITA: The Sounders forward control the ball from about 15 yards out and he doesn’t rush it. Kitsap GK Bryan Meredith came out and Fucito dribbled by him and around him. Three Kitsap defenders dropped back and Fucito blasted it into the back of the net. Sounders 2, Kitsap 0.

MEREDITH TO THE RESCUE: Kitsap GK made two spectacular back-to-back sves in 65th minute as the Sounders are starting to hve their way with the boys from across the pond.

SOUNDERS SUB: Fucito ldeaves and Jeff Parke comes on for Sounders in 69th minute.

KITSAP SUB: Warlen Silva replaces Burke for the Pumas.

PUMAS GOAL: 71st minute. Nik Besagno got the goal for the Pumas, scoring in front of the Sounders’ goal. Game on. Sounders 2, Pumas 1.

YELLOW CARD: Dan Scott gets carded in 80th minute; smart play as he stopped  a potential 1-on-1 break.

ANOTHER GREAT SAVE: Meredith dives and knocks away a low shot by Jacqu.

NEAR MISS: In 83rd mintue, Silva had a breakaway; took a shot from left side that hit side of net; He stopped and stared. Could have ben the equilizer.

SUBS: Kitsap brings in David Gray and Tye Perdido in 84th minute.

MEREDITH AGAIN: He blocks Alonso this time.

FIVE TO GO: Five minutes left plus extra time. Hard to get anything set up. They do get a pass from Mohn that sails too far for an attempted header in the 88th minute.

GAME OVER: Sounders 2, Pumas 1. Attendance: 3,811.









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