Can you stomach this Mariners’ lineup?

If center fielder Franklin Gutierrez isn’t available because of his on-going stomach problems, here’s a projected starting lineup and possible batting order for the Mariners when they take the field in Oakland on Friday, April 1 (no April Fool’s jokes, please):

RF: Ichiro Suzuki

3B: Chone Figgins

LF: Milton Bradley

DH: Jack Cust

1B: Justin Smoak

C: Miguel Olivo

CF: Michael Saunders or Ryan Langerhans (I said no April Fool’s jokes)

SS: Brendan Ryan

2B: Jack Wilson

P: Felix Hernandez

3 thoughts on “Can you stomach this Mariners’ lineup?

  1. I don’t know why the Mariner’s have their head up their u-know what, Why is Ichiro leading off? Who cares if Ichiro wants to be leadoff? How many RBI’s does he bring in? 43? Put him somewhere else please…. Chalk up another year of no RBI’S. They got rid of 58 when they let Jose Lopez leave.But then again they did get Jack Cust and Miguel Olivo who had 52 and 58 RBIS repectively. The only thing the Mariners have going this year is the CY Young Felix Hernandez Bobblehead night. I think this years Mariner Commericals were mediocre at best except the Ichiro one.

  2. Another fine lineup, Look for me to be at the only important game. The Felix Hernandez CY Young bobblehead night!

  3. Last year I thought their line up could get thm into the play offs .So even though I believe ” I think” I have baseball knowledge and discernment I have to take a break predicting . I grew up in Jersey and remember the 69 mets . Anthing is possible .

    It does seem as least fiancially the Mariners are taking a break perhaps to recoup some of their losses of paying big salaries and getting little return.

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