Quick Hits on a Gray Friday

• An active Husky men’s basketball player is being investigated by the Seattle Police Department for the sexual assault of a 16-year-old. If you wondered if it would be a distraction to the team, wonder no more. Washington’s 58-56 upset loss to Stanford on Thursday pretty much answers that question, don’t you think?

 •  Another Seahawks win on Sunday would be incredible but could it possibly top the emotion of Saturday’s win over the New Orleans Saints? I don’t think so. That was such an unexpected win and was so emotional for its fans that only a Super Bowl victory could top the feeling that’s permeated throughout the Puget Sound region ever since.

• Washington’s Jake Locker has signed with an agent and is splitting time working out in California with QB guru Ken O’Brien and his Husky coach, Steve Sarkisian. People still questions his decision to his back on millions of dollars to come back for a fifth season. When asked about that on KJR radio Friday, he’s what he said: “They didn’t get to experience the memories I got to this year. They don’t get to carry with them the rest of their life what I do now. To be a part of that football team and be on the field with those guys I will never forget that team or forget that year, so there was nothing that has not made this year worth it.”

Locker might not be the greatest player in Husky history, but he’s certainly the most sincere. How can you not like the guy?

• Mike Tice, the offensive line coach of the Chicago Bears, is getting a lot of credit for the Bears’ success. The former Seahawks’ tight end and Minnesota head coach and owner of the Fill-Yer-Belly Deli in Kirkland took time during an offseason when he owned a vacation spot near Allyn to talk to the Kitsap Athletic Roundtable (formerly the Bremerton Athletic Roundtable) when he was the head coach of the Vikings.  The down-to-earth Tice was among the most entertaining and candid guests the club has ever had. Here’s hoping he gets another shot at being a head coach.

• Did you see that the USS Stennis was flying a Seahawks’ 12th-man flag as it passed Seattle Friday morning. Check out Ed Friedrich’s story here.

 • “Seldom has a single play had such a momentous effect on a man’s reputation.” That’s what Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports wrote about Seahawk running back Marshawn Lynch’s celebrated 67-yard gallop into NFL history. Read the full story here.

• People make fun of his scrappiness. They point to his lack of power and his career on-base percentage, but the numbers simply don’t tell the story when it comes to Willie Bloomquist. Yeah, he’s a utility guy, but somebody obviously thinks the 33-year-old product of South Kitsap is a valuable commodity or he wouldn’t have lasted as long as he has. He’s entering his ninth year as a major league player. There are a lot of players with more talent who can’t say that. It’s not a done deal until he signs the contract, but Bloomquist has agreed to terms with the Arizona Diamondbacks. The training complex is 15 minutes away from his home in Scottsdale. Here’s my story on Willie.

• Bremerton’s Marvin Williams has missed the last six games with the Atlanta Hawks because of a lower back injury and there’s no timetable for his return. The Hawks are 5-1 without him. Williams has provided a solid 11 points and 4.8 rebounds in 30 minutes a game this season for Atlanta, and there’s rumblings when he returns he’ll be the sixth man.

• And to the reader who wanted to know whatever happened SuperSonics’ center Jack Sikma. He’s an assistant coach with the Houston Rockets, joining the staff in 2007 when Rick Adelman was head coach. His son, Luke, is a forward for the University of Portland Pilots.

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