Seahawks-Saints Game Thoughts

The sun  busted through for the Seahawks’ player introductions and the fans are waving white, 12th Man towels. There was a fly-over, and Walter Jones just raised the 12th Man Flag.

It’s game time: Saints won the toss and will receive.


It didn’t take Drew Brees long to put Seattle’s defense on its heels. He engineers an 8-play, 52-yard drive that ends in a 26 yard FG by Garrett Hartley. Reggie Bush dropped a pass on third down or the Saints likely would have come away with a TD.  11:43: Saints 3, Hawks 0.

Following a Hasselbeck interception (it wasn’t his fault; ball skipped out of Obamanu’s hands and Jabari Greer picked it off and returned in 10 yards to the 35. Eight plays later, Brees hit fullback Heath Evans with a 1-yard scoring pass. 6:21: NO 10, Seattle 0.

My thought? Who needs a running bame? Brees is picking apart the Hawks’ defense.

Seattle answers. Hasselbeck looks share in a 7-play, 57-yard drive that ends with 11-yard TD to wide open TE John Carlson on a play-action pass. 3:38: NO 10, Seattle 7.

New Orleans on the move as quarter ends. Saints held the ball 11:06 during the quarter and are in Seattle’s territory again.


Ex-Seahawk Julius Jones scores on a 5-yard draw to cap a 10-play 83-yard drive. 3 possessions, 3 scores for Saints. 13:38: NO 17, Seattle 7. If Hawks can’t figure out a way to get to Brees, it looks like it’ll be a long, long day. But that’s kind of what we expected, right?

OK, it looks like Hasselbeck was the right call. He’s sharp. He just lobbed a great touch pass to TE Cameron Morrah for 39 yards to set up a 7-yard TD to TE Carlson, who was wide open. 11:00, NO 17, Hawks 14.

Finally, the Seahawks defense forces a punt, but they don’t capitalize. Seattle gets the ball and goes 3 and out. Hasselbeck threw away passes on second and third down. He must have learned that from Charlie Whitehurst. In the past, Matt might have tried to force it, but not today.

Tie game: Raheem Brock forces a fumble on Julius Jones and LB Hawthorne recovers for Seattle at the Saints’ 19. Mare’s 29 FG ties it with 7:09 left. Seattle 17, Saints 17. Breaks are going Seattle’s way.

Wow! Hasselbeck just lofted a perfect pass to Brandon Stokely, who was wide open for a 45 yard TD. Hawks leads 24-17. 1:15 left in the half. Seattle 24, Saints 17.

Saints kick a FG with :03 left after going 77 yards in a little over a minute. End of the half: Seattle 24, New Orleans 20.

There’s a lot of raised eyebrows at Qwest Field right now. Who’d have thunk that the 7-9 laughingstock from the NFC West would be leading the defending world champions at halftime? Hey, the party’s still rocking. Wonder what the Football Gods have in mind for the second half?

I guess Coach (com)Pete was right when he named Hasselbeck the starter. I was in the other camp on that one, but what do I know. Hasselbeck’s 13 of 18 for 169 yards and 3 TDs.


First possession important for Seattle and they knew what to do. Hasselbeck’s 38-yard TD pass to Mike Williams, who made an over-the-shoulder catch around the 7 and dragged two defenders into the end zone. 11:48,  Seattle 31, NO 20.

Seattle just scored on its fourth straight possession and sixth of its last seven. Mare kicks a 39 FG. The score doesn’t surprise me, but I thought the Saints would have the 34. 5:27, Seattle 34, Saints 20.

New Orleans gambles on a  4th and 1 from its own 36 and comes up short. Seattle takes over. Another score here and it just might be (dare I say) … over. No, it’s too early for that. A delay of game just took the Seahawks out of field goal range. With 2:53 left, the Hawks still have a 14-point cushion.

Quarter ends with Saints on the move. First down at Seattle 37. Seattle leads: 34-20.

The statistics are fairly even. Seattle has 332 yards (75 rushing, 257 passing); New Orleans 312 (57, 255).


Seattle’s not giving the Saints anything deep and Brees is content to take the short stuff right now. Aided by a 15-yard penalty on Chris Clemons, New Orleans pulls within a touchdown. Jones scored a 4-yard rushing TD to cap a 12-play, 87 yard drive that took 4:12 off the clock. 13:11 left, Seattle 34, Saints 27. It seems like the Saints have gained the momentum back. We’ll see. Biggest possession of the season for the Seahawks right now.

Seattle go 3-and-out. Saints get the ball back with 12:40 left, at their own 44. Buckle up. Looks like we’re headed to a wild finish. Saints take 8 plays to go 53 yards and kick a 21 FG to pull within four. 9:13: Hawks 34, Saints 30.

THE SPREAD: The outcome might be in doubt, but those who took the Seahawks and 10 points are looking pretty good right now.

5:18: Hawks linebacker Lofa Tatupu and Saints RB Julius Jones both leave after a collision. Jones gained 11 yards on a reception from the 6. NO’s Reggie Bush left hte game earlier. The Saints are in trouble at the RB position. NO’s top two backs were put on injured reserve earlier in the week.

HANG ON TIME: Seattle has the ball with 4:20 left at its own 33 after forcing a punt. Both teams are down to their last timeut.
BEAST TIME: Seven New Orleans defenders got their hands on Marshawn Lynch, but they couldn’t stop him from scoring on a 67-yard touchdown run that should enough to get the much-maligned Seahawks to the next round of the NFL playoffs. Unreal run. Lynch ran by LB Scott Shanie (58), broke through two more defenders, shrugged off Jabari Greer (33), tossed Tracy Porter (22) aside with a stiff arm and ambled down the Seahawks sideline. Defensive end Jeff Charleston (97) dove at him and got an arm on one of Lynch’s legs, but it didn’t slow him. He cut back toward the middle of the field and angled toward the end zone. Another Saint (didn’t catch him number) got a hand on him at the goalline.

Somebody on Twitter reported that Lynch just broke 17 tackles.

NO QUIT IN SAINTS: New Orleans scores but comes up short on a run for two-points nd Seattleha sa 41-36 lead with 1:30 left. It was a 9-play, 70-yard drive with Brees connecting with Henderson for a 6-yard TD.

MORE HANG ON TIME: Everybody in the stadium knows it’ll be an onside kick. It was fielded by Seattle’s Carlson at the 47. 1:29 left. Saints take final timeout with 1:23 left. Game over.

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  1. I was at work listening to this game on the radio , it was quite exciting. It is fantastic to have your favorite team makes you eat crow . I did not think they had a chance .

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