Mr. Know-It-All Says Hasselbeck Is the Wrong Choice

There’s a lot of knowledgeable sports fans out there with a lot of opinions.

I’d like to introduce you to one of ’em. We’ll call him Mr. Know-It-All. He grew up in Seattle and now lives in West Sound. He’s followed the Seattle sports scene since he was a kid, and he’s savvy about the local sports scene, too. He’s always been willing to share his thoughts on today’s games, players, coaches and hot topics.

Mr. Know-It-All shared his thoughts on the Seahawks earlier today before it was announced that Matt Hasselbeck will be the starting QB for Saturday’s playoff game against New Orleans.

I don’t always agree with Mr. Know-It-All, but I think he’s pretty much dead on this time. Here’s what I found in my e-mail box this morning:

Last Sunday, the Hawks won the first down play.  They ran well enough on first down to control the clock and field position.  They stopped the Rams for the most part from successfully running on first down.  Very old school, fundamental Woody Hayes style of football.

With some obvious historical exceptions, that has been the way NFL championships are won.  With that lesson fresh in all the writer’s faces, they immediately beat the drums for the return of Matt Hasselbeck, progenitor of the 3-7 record in last ten games, thrower of ten picks in his previous four games, possessor of terminal happy feet, incapable of running from the pocket without hurting himself…I could go on.

He will self destruct and they will lose with him playing.  I hear well gee whiz he had 388 yards against them before…250 of those came when the game was already lost.

He was a wonderful qb when he was playing second and two after Alexander, Jones and Hutchinson ran big on first down.  At best a complementary player.

People forget the Bill Walsh-Paul Brown connection and thus to Mike Holmgren.  West coast offense is the dink and dunk safely versus the run off tackle.  It is very much not Don Coryell type of football and the move from Holmgren to Mora and even Caroll is what has exposed Hasselbeck.  He could throw deep at some point, but can’t now.

I can’t help but think if they try to manage first downs again they stand a better chance of winning.  If it is Drew Brees against Matt Hasselbeck, it is going to be a long, long day.

I’m going to provide Mr. K-I-A an outlet in from time to time in this blog. It might even turn into a point, counter-point at times. Please weigh in with your thoughts. You can’t get enough opinions or analysis when it comes to sports.

One thought on “Mr. Know-It-All Says Hasselbeck Is the Wrong Choice

  1. I couldn’t agree more with Mr. K-I-A. Last week’s playoff win with Whitehurst at the helm was the sure and steady way to win the game. I’ve followed the Hawks since their inception and would love to see them advance in the playoffs. I think Whitehurst is the guy to lead the team. Why shuffle the team’s cohesiveness?

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