If the Seahawks Win, Let the Celebration Begin

The NFL rewards division champions with a berth in the playoffs, so it’s not the Seahawks fault that they’re 6-9 and still have a shot at representing the NFC West in the postseason.

And the Seahawks won’t feel bad about it if they get there. And they shouldn’t.

When asked if they should apologize, running back Marshawn Lynch told Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports:

“Whaaaat? Man, [expletive], who said it was gonna be pretty? It ain’t always gonna be pretty, but none of that matters,” he says. “The only thing that’s gonna matter after the game is we’ve got to get ready for another week. We’ll start over with a new record: zero and zero, just like everybody else.”

Silver reminds people that the Arizona Cardinals won the West with a 9-7 record in 2008, suffering a 40-point loss to the Patriots in December of that year before making it to the Super Bowl in February. But these Seahawks have Charlie Whitehurst at quarterback, not Kurt Warner. These Seahawks are 3-point underdogs at home against a St. Louis team that starts a rookie quarterback. These Seahawks have lost five of their last six, seven of their last nine, and none of the losses have been close.

But IF they win, the Seahawks will be celebrating just like any other division champion celebrates. And they shouldn’t feel ashamed. Break out the hats and T-shirts and go crazy. And next year they’ll raise a banner at  Qwest Field in honor of the achievement. That, you must admit, would be a bit surreal.

2 thoughts on “If the Seahawks Win, Let the Celebration Begin

  1. If the Seahawks win, you all can buy playoff tickets before the rest of the fans. Here is the code to enter to buy early playoff tickets. 4PLAYOFFS is the password. Password is good now, before the game starts.

  2. A winning Hawks scenario is VERY doable and actually, likely. We have owned the Rams at home for years now and while these Hawks may not have the talent level and percentages needed to be a Super Bowl contender, they do play with alot of heart, they CAN stop the run and they have perhaps the best kickoff AND field goal kicker in the game, not to mention a guy named Washington that can bust a TD off any return at any time (and seems to flirt with it more often than not). And Whitehurst is better than people think. He played in the SEC for Clemson (toughest conference in the country) and owns over 40 all time passing records for them.

    I’m telling you now. Marshawn Lynch is going to be a SUPERSTAR in this town. This town loves loyal, hard working players in any sport and that is Marshawn. He gets some of the toughest yards I’ve ever seen in a Hawk uniform and he has no quit, 6 more years in his prime and is an incredible interview. This guy Clemons too on the D line is the real deal. We need our O line to stay healthy and receivers and D backs to step up, as well as our punt coverage team.

    I already have my playoff tickets. They made us buy them last week. Hope to get to sell them! As much as I love the Hawks and expect them to win today and go to the next round, they would then likely get slaughtered at home by New Orleans, who is a much better team. So anyone from the Big Easy looking for second row seats, call up the bigdawg on Monday!

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