Gilby’s 2003 Huskies Upset WSU to Go 6-6, But Didn’t Go Bowling

Washington’s 16-13 win over California could go down in the history books as one of the biggest in school history. But it’ll be meaningless if Washington’s doesn’t beat Washington State in the Apple Cup on Saturday. Another 5-7 season won’t be anything to howl about.

But if Washington beats WSU, it’ll be 6-6 and could be rewarded with a trip to San Diego for the Holiday Bowl. Wonder what Keith Gilbertson thinks about that?Gilbertson was promoted to head coach at Washington in 2003 after Rick Neuheisel was fired and his 5-6 UW team played the No. 8-ranked Cougars (9-2 at the time). Washington upset WSU that day, 27-19, to become bowl eligible. Unfortunately, the Pac-10’s final bowl bid went to UCLA, which went on to lose to Fresno State in the Silicon Valley Bowl. Washington hasn’t had a sniff at a bowl until now.

Snow Bowl?: The latest Apple Cup in history will have more than bowl implications for the Washington Huskies. It’ll have snow. At least, that’s the forecast. Vince Grippi of The Spokesman Review writes about it. Click here to read it.

War of words:  Here’s a story from’s archives that might help you get the juices flowing. You’ll find lines like this:

Huskies fish from charter boats. Cougars sit on the dock and let the fish come to them. 

Cougars name their kids after sports figures, entertainers and great humanitarians. Huskies name their children after sorority founders and dead Republican presidents.

Cougars donate to the poor and feel good about it. Huskies donate to the symphony so people will think they’re sophisticated.

Huskies think Rainier is a mountain. Cougars know it’s a beer.

Your turn: Have you got a favorite Apple Cup line? How about a favorite Apple Cup game? Post a comment and we’ll print some of the best ones in the paper later this week.

TV Replay: You can watch the UW-Cal football game on FSN-NW tonight and Monday at 7 p.m.

Boise State Thoughts

Friday night’s Boise State-Nevada overtime thriller came down to a pair of missed field goals by the Broncos’ Kyle Brotzman, but Brotzman should not shoulder all of the blame. He didn’t blow a 24-7 halftime lead.

 That loss didn’t prove that Boise State is not worthy of a BCS Bowl berth; I think it proved Nevada’s vastly underrated. The Wolf Pack’s a really good offensive team. Nevada wore down Boise’s defense in the second half. 

So instead of a possibly playing for a national championship or in a Bowl Championshp Series berth for $18 million, the Broncos are headed to the Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco (it pays $850,000) or the Humanitarian Bowl ($750,000) on its own blue turf in Boise. Just another sign how screwed up the BCS system. How screwed up? Well, a four-loss UConn appears headed to the Big East Championship and the Fiesta Bowl opposite the Big 12 champ. And if it’s not UConn, then it’ll be a five-loss Pittsburgh team.

One thought on “Gilby’s 2003 Huskies Upset WSU to Go 6-6, But Didn’t Go Bowling

  1. I beginning to feel sorry for Boise. The MWC and WAC should get as much respect as the ACC or Big East champ. These two conferences shouldn’t be locked into a bowl game like the Fiesta Bowl. There needs to be more at large berths as Connecticut or Pitsburgh doesn’t hold a prayer against a Big 12 school like Oklahoma or Nebraska. I wonder who Nevada will play? They deserve a bowl game more than the Huskies do, whether they are Washington or Connecticut.

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