Tuesday Links: Stuff You Might Want to Check Out

Have you read about the 60-year-old junior college kicker? Read about him here. Mmm, I’ve still got a couple years of eligibility left. I wonder … nah.

Have you seen the video about the Ohio University mascot tackling Brutus, the Ohio State mascot? Here it is.

Check out this freeze-frame of the broken piece of bat that struck Tyler Colvin of the Cubs on Sunday. Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports wrote about the danger of maple bats back in May. His lead: “Someone’s going to die at a baseball stadium soon.”

There’s no tripping in baseball. Wait, yes there is. Look at this video of outfielder Matt Diaz taking down a Phillies fan who was on the field.

Why can’t the Mariners hire someone like this guy? Joe Posnanski makes a good case why Ron Gardenhire is the best manager in baseball.

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