Five Things: A-Rod, Favre, Wak, Smith, Dawgs

1, A-ROD HITS NO. 600: Alex Rodriguez joined an elite home run-club on Tuesday that includes Barry Bonds (762), Hank Aaron (755), Babe Ruth (714), Willie Mays (660), Ken Griffey Jr. (630) and Sammy Sosa (609). And the first overall pick in the 1993 draft by the Seattle Mariners did it at Yankee Stadium. Do we cheer or boo? For me, it seems like just another day at the ballpark. It’s hard to get revved up about that number considering A-Rod admitted using steroids. And beyond that, as much as I like baseball, I’ve grown weary of the sport’s obsession with records and numbers.

2, BRETT FAVRE: Will the 40-year-old NFL quarterback retire or not? Reports from several sources on Tuesday indicate he will. Even if he does, my gut says he’ll be back on the field sometime this year. Don’t know if it’ll be a Tarvaris Jackson injury or simply an offer from the owner that he can’t refuse, but something tells me Favre will be making plays for the Minnesota Vikings this fall. (This report says Favre will play if he’s healthy.)

3, WAKAMATSU WATCH: Stick a fork in him. He’s done. I don’t necessarily agree that it’s the right thing to do, but M’s GM Jack Zduriencik didn’t exactly give him a ringing endorsement before Tuesday’s 3-2 win over Texas. A year ago, Wak pushed all of the right buttons, and the M’s overachieved big-time. This year, nothing’s worked out. They’ve played about as a bad as a major league baseball team can play.

4, ALEX SMITH: Here’s some good stuff on the 49ers quarterback who was born in Bremerton. Former Seahawks QB Trent Dilfer, a friend and former teammate of Smith’s, said: “I don’t think he’s one of the most talented guys in the league. But Alex Smith is as physically and mentally tough as anybody I’ve been around. He was 175 pounds and led Utah to the Fiesta Bowl and almost won the Heisman. He’s not first (overall)-pick talented, but he’s got first-pick makeup.” It’s hard not to pull for a guy like Smith after reading this piece by Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports.

5, HUSKIES GO TO A BOWL: Washington’s football team was picked to finish sixth in a Pac-10 media poll last week. That’s probably about right. Right now, I’m predicting a 6-6 or 7-5 season, which should be good enough to get the Huskies back to their first bowl game since 2002. Considering where they were two years ago (you remember that 0-12 season in Ty Willingham’s final season?), that would be a nice achievement. The Dawgs hit the practice field Monday, Aug. 9. Fans are welcome. Here’s the practice schedule.

3 thoughts on “Five Things: A-Rod, Favre, Wak, Smith, Dawgs

  1. I’ll stand and cheer for A-Roid when/if he gets to 800 homers.
    I should start a facebook page on 600 reasons why people hate A-Rod. Start all the way back to a week before being drafted by the Mariners when he called the team and told them not to draft him cause he wanted to go to the LA Dodgers who picked second.
    How about the it’s not about the money, I want to go to a winner comment during his press conference when he signed with Texas for a quarter of a billion dollars. This was a few months after being 2 games away from the World Series with the M’s. So, Alex, just how were you winning teams in Texas. Yeah, you got your money, and your homers and MVP awards in Texas. What about the steriods and the tipping of pitches to opposing players expecting the same in return. Hall of Fame Jerk!

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