Pumas: Year 2 As Good As Year 1?

The jury’s still out on the Kitsap Pumas.

Personally, I think they’re putting out a pretty entertaining product. And the atmosphere at Bremerton Memorial Stadium is pretty cool. (Hey, Lance, can I get you to come over and get my lawn in shape?)

I sat down on the field for the U.S. Open Cup game against Portland, a 4-1 loss, and felt like I was practically in the game. Portland’s Bright Dike (Dee-Kay) looked like Jim Brown the way he was bullying his way past Kitsap defenders. I was entranced by his strength and athleticism.

Will the Pumas ever pack the place? I’m starting to have my doubts. I figured the youth soccer kids would come to games in droves, along with their parents. But so far, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I’m not paying the bills (or the players in the Pumas’ case), but  maybe it’s OK to average 700 or 800 fans? Maybe it was a pipe dream to think the Pumas would put 3,000 fans in the stands? We are, by and large, a pretty apathetic bunch when it comes to supporting things in Kitsap County. Me? I’d rather watch the Pumas than the Sounders, or go to a BlueJackets game than ride the ferry to watch the Mariners. But I know I’m in the minority when it comes to that.

David Falk of the Seattle Examiner addressed some of the Pumas’ issues in this blog post, one that the Pumas apparently took down on their Facebook site. Some of the comments aren’t so complimentary, but that’s OK. If I was in the Pumas’ front office, I’d take it as a compliment that people are showing so much passion. At least they care, and that’s a good thing.

One thought on “Pumas: Year 2 As Good As Year 1?

  1. Bingo, Chuck. People DO care, and that is what matters. It’s OK to have room to grow only half-way through the second season. The Pumas must be ready to face critque from fans and media if they want to ‘take it to the next step’ and have more Kitsappers take them into their hearts.

    There is more that is working well here than is not. The Pumas are a good story for Kitsap. We support our boys in stripes and look forward to getting better on the pitch and in the stands.

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