College Expansion: Change, Change, Change

Having trouble getting your head around all of this talk about Pac-10 expansion and super conferences? Here’s a some stories that might help you understand what’s going on:
Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports! writes that the Big 12 is on the verge of collapse and that expansion is going to forever alter college athletics as we now know it.

Bruce Feldman of ESPN The Magazine talks about the Pac-10’s power play in this video. 

Is Baylor the deal-breaker in the Pac-10’s plans?

What’s going on with Boise State? What does all this expansion talk mean to the Broncos? Read this blog.

Here’s a report in that says former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue has stepped in to help the Big East  plot its future.

One thought on “College Expansion: Change, Change, Change

  1. Apologies to R.E.M., but (singing) “It’s the end of the college football world as we know it/And the NCAA thinks its fine…”

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