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* Who’s Seattle’s most hated sports personality? Former Sonics owner Clay Bennett, I think, has been replaced by an 18-year-old from Portland. Yeah, Terrance Jones’ about-face on where he is going to play college basketball – he signed with Kentucky after saying he was going to Washington – didn’t sit too well with Husky fans. And he knows it. Jones tweeted: “Yeah most hated player n 2010 goes 2 me.”

* Did you now that Kentucky and Washington are both playing in the Maui Invitational this year? Can you imagine the buildup for that first-round matchup?

* When will women’s softball commentators on ESPN quit talking to its viewers like they’ve never watched a game before. It drives me crazy. A little commentary’s OK, but they don’t have to explain every pitch or break down every at bat. The game’s been around long enough now that people get the nuances of the sport.

* When the Kitsap Pumas total their attendance figures, do they count players, coaches, team officials and concession stand workers? Don’t know if you’ve been to any home games at Memorial Stadium, but the figures released seem inflated to me.

* Is the Carlos Silva who is 6-0 for the Cubs the same Carlos Silva who was with the Mariners the past couple of seasons?

* Another Lakers-Celtics NBA Finals seems to be a real possibility, but would a rematch of these storied franchise be enough to get you interested in the NBA again?

* Speaking of the Celtics, have you ever seen a better play than the one Rajon Rondo made against Orlando on Saturday. It was all-out hustle, diving to grab a loose ball, and then having the sense to get up and turn it into a basket. I’m not doing it justice. This story by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports! does.

* How much longer can the M’s keep running Rob Johnson behind the plate? You gotta pull for a kid from Butte, Mont., who never played high school baseball, and you can live with a puny batting average, but only if he’s pulling his weight behind the plate. Kenji Johjima used to be knocked for his defensive work, but he looked like Johnny Bench compared to the way Johnson’s catching this season.

* Where does Shane Moskowitz, the sensational distance runner from Central Kitsap, rank among the state’s all-time great runners? Top 10? Top 5? Top 3?

* When is somebody going to build a softball complex in the Northwest that has nothing but turfed fields?

One thought on “Just Wondering …

  1. 1) Clay Bennett is still the most hated sports figure in Seattle. I’d say more, but this is a family website.
    2) I didn’t think Terrence Jones was coming to Washington. If anything, he should’ve gone to Oregon. Imagine what they think of him down there.
    3) The guys on ESPN’s softball coverage think there’s a lot of male chauvinsts out there. Truth is, the men who love women’s softball, for some reason, despise women’s basketball. Go figure.
    4) Carlos Silva was typical of the Mariners’ luck. He sucked when he played for Seattle, then got better when he left.
    5) Everyone would’ve preferred a Lakes-Cavaliers series.
    6) Shane Moskowitz is No. 1. All time.
    7) About the turfed softball fields….give it a year. Or another wet May.

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