Snoozin’ On the Job

Ken Griffey Jr.’s catching all kinds of grief for reportedly taking a recent nap in the clubhouse, but he’s not the only one who’s ever slept on the job.  Jim Caple of wrote this piece about Griffey.

Seattle’s Shannon Drayer, a reporter for 710 AM who covers the Mariners, says  finding Griffey asleep in the clubhouse isn’t necessarily news. He’s done it throughout his entire career.

Keith Hernandez, a former Mets’ first baseman and currently a broadcaster for the team, recently fell asleep in the broadcast booth.

I still have a vivid memory of a reporter falling asleep while covering the state track and field meet at Lincoln Bowl in Tacoma. He was laying on his back near the high jump pit on a gorgeouos sunny day and all of a sudden you could hear this loud snoring coming from the right side of the pit. It was hilarious. The competition continued, and people were walking all around him as if he wasn’t there. The best part of all, the reporter’s last name was Sleeper.

Here’s a picture of a Detroit cop catching up on his sleep.

I remember pulling an all-nighter at The Sun years ago and retreating to the lady’s room to catch a few winks. I was told there was a couch in there and, surprise, surprise, there was. Yeah, I shocked some lady that morning when she came to work and found me all cuddled up in that room about 5 a.m.

If you’ve lived in Bremerton for any amount of time, or worked in the shipyard, you’ve all probably heard stories of guys catching catnap’s in the bowels of the ships they were supposed to be working on. C’mon, you know it’s true.

What’s your best snoozin’ on the job story?

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