Head Scratchers: About Lions Park, Turf Fields, Marvin and the Thunder

Some things that make me shake my head and wonder whatinthehell’s going on:

  • Have you been by Lion’s Park lately? It’s all torn up. Where’s Field #3? What a great field for women’s fastpitch and youth baseball. Now, it’s gone. Lions Park seemed pretty good to me the way it was. I’m not sure the city can justify, in my mind, spending whatever money they’re doing to make whatever improvements they’re making at the waterfront park in east Bremerton. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for parks and green space. But Lions Park, like I said, seemed just fine the way it was. It has a boat launch, softball fields, picnic areas, a path for walkers and playground equipment.
  • Hopefully, our parks and school leaders will have enough vision in the future to put field turf, or some sort of artificial turf, on the infields on our baseball and softball fields. Hey, folks, in case you didn’t notice, it rains a lot in this area. They’ll pay for themselves over time. Over and over again. Imagine how many games you could play at Legion Field and on the main baseball field at the Fairgrounds if they were turfed.
  • Speaking of turf, how is it possible that South Kitsap doesn’t have a turfed field at Joe Knowles Stadium at the high school? How many years will it take? That said, there’s currently a group in the South Kitsap community looking into re-doing the field. Let’s hope they put the wheels in motion and get something done. Bainbridge, North Kitsap and Central Kitsap all play football and soccer on turf fields. The kids in Port Orchard deserve a new field, too.
  • Marvin Williams’ haters are having a field day in Atlanta. Check out some of these comments on this Atlanta Journal Constitution blog by Mark Bradley. One guy even blamed the Hawks’ playoff woes on the “curse of Marvin.” Wonder what the tone will be if Marvin and the Hawks bounce back and beat Milwaukee and make a deep run in the Eastern Conference finals? It could happen, ya know. The Hawks are deep and, by know, I think everybody’s figured out that Marvin’s never going to be a 20 ppg scorer in the NBA, but there’s still room for good guys with his size and all-around skills.
  • A couple years ago, it was cool to be a Thunder hater. Afterall, owner Clay Bennett took our Seattle SuperSonics to Oklahoma City. Admittedly, I paid little attention to the Thunder, or NBA for that matter. But now you can’t help but wonder what things would be like if the Sonics hadn’t left town, as this SportingBlog points out.  They lost 62 games in their final year in Seattle, but they”re the hottest story in the game right now after taking two straight from the Lakers. Now, I find myself pulling for the Sonics, er, Thunder. That Kevin Durant kid turned out to be pretty good, huh? And Sam Presti, the young GM, seems to be doing OK, too. So I’m a little confused about my feelings. There’s a part of me that wants to turn the TV off when the Thunder play, but they’re so darn much fun to watch, I can’t do it.

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