Five Things About Things You Might Not Have Heard About

* When former “Tonight” show host Conan O’Brien brought his live comedy show to Spokane’s INB Center last Friday, he knew how to appeal to the local audience: He wore the No. 32 Gonzaga basketball jersey of former Bainbridge High School star Steven Gray.
Obviously, O’Brien knew about Spokane’s love affair with Gonzaga basketball. He wondered aloud about the “Zags” nickname, however.
“Why don’t they call them the Gons?” O’Brien asked the crowd. “Who got to decide?”

* Olympic College athletic director Barry Janusch is expected to announce the new men’s basketball coach next week. If the name sounds familiar, don’t be surprised.

* Heard of the PoSox? It’s a Port Orchard-based boys 13 Sandy Koufax baseball team coached by Eric Canton, Mark Knowles and Daryl Matheny. The PoSox (Port Orchard Sox) is a takeoff of the ChiSox (Chicago White Sox). The kids wear replica uniforms of the old White Sox, complete with old-style hats.  I’m going to try and catch one of their home games at Pendergast Park.

* My curiosity got the best of me last week. I decided to take in the flat-track roller derby show at the Kitsap Sun Pavilion on Sunday, April 18. The Rat City All-Stars took on the Charm City Rollergirls from Baltimore, Md. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was entertaining for a while. Never made it to the beer garden, which could have made the show more entertaining. If you haven’t seen it, I’d recommend it, but I don’t know if I’d go back for more. The male cheerleaders were a kick, some of the nicknames were funny and it got physical at times, but not as physical as I thought it might be. I lasted about 30 mintues.  I think Rat City was up 29-5 when I left. They ended up winning 145-103.

* Did you know that Young Hector (alias was Hector H. Conrow) was a Bremerton heavyweight boxer in the early 1900s? Young Hector was 3-0 when he took on a guy named Jack Dempsey Sept. 28, 1916 at Murray, Utah. Dempsey KO’d Hector. Dempsey, who would go on to win the world championship  beat him again two months later (11-28-1916) in Salida, Colo. Young Hector’s last fight was Aug, 8, 1922 at the Elk’s Club in Bremerton. He fought Willie Keeler for the Pacific Heavyweight Championship.  Hector won on points and retired with a 17-10-4 record.

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