Pumas To Play English Beach Soccer Club on the Kitty Hawk … Maybe

Yep, you read the headline right. The Kitsap Pumas, who kick off their season with a friendly on Saturday at 6 p.m. against the Portland Timbers, are going to play a soccer game on an aircraft carrier.

Here’s the details, as outlined in a press release (Remember, it is April 1st, and this might be an April Fool’s joke).

Pumas to Play First-Ever Professional Soccer Match On Deck of Aircraft Carrier

Bremerton, Wash. – The Kitsap Pumas today announced that the club will play the first-ever professional soccer match on the deck of an aircraft carrier, in this case, the recently decommissioned Kitty Hawk which is docked in Bremerton.

The Pumas’ opponent will be the English National Beach Soccer team, captained by Puma forward and fan favorite Tony Kerr, who is also a fixture in the English side.

To accommodate the unique aspects of beach soccer the club is considering bringing in over 60,000 cubic yards of sand to simulate the conditions of beach soccer. The other half of the field will be natural grass.

“What I’m hearing is that half the field will be sand and the other a portable grass/tile system. We’ll switch sides at the half,” said Kerr. “I applaud the organization for coming up with such an innovative idea.”

Kerr, when asked which side he favors and which side he will play for responded affirmatively: “I have been treated well by the people of Kitsap so my allegiance, though strong for my country, is nearly equal toward our supporters here. I hope to play for both sides.”

Tickets will be on sale as soon as remaining logistical matters are worked out.

“Out of bounds plays will be a little problematic,” said Pumas head coach Peter Fewing, “but there really isn’t anything I’ve not seen this organization nor my players overcome so far.”

The Kitty Hawk-class supercarriers of the United States Navy were an incremental improvement on the Forrestal-class vessels. Four were built, all in the 1960s, Kitty Hawk (CV-63) (1961–2009), Constellation (CV-64) (1961–2003), America (CV-66) (1965–1996) and John F. Kennedy (CV-67) (1967–2007). All are now decommissioned.

“This should be a grand spectacle,” said Pumas owner Robin Waite. “We’re going to hopefully present something special and memorable – and at a highly affordable price. Life rafts will be provided upon request.”

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