Which Team Makes a Deeper Run: UW or Gonzaga?

That’s the question we posed in this poll. As of midnight Monday, 162 people had weighed in and 47 percent said the Huskies would go the farthest, while 37 percent voted for Gonzaga. Another 14 percent said both teams would lose in the first round. What do you think?

Me? I think both face difficult first-round games, but Washington matches up well with Marquette. Gonzaga’s more talented than Florida State, but the Seminoles are huge and like to keep the score low. If the UW and Zags both surive, you have to like Washington’s chances (against either New Mexico or Montana) over Gonzaga’s chances of knocking off Syracuse …. in a game that will be played in Buffalo, N.Y. It’s been a long time since Gonzaga’s been called a Cinderella, but if they get a chance to play Syracuse, somebody better break out the slippers.

Here’s one guy who gives the Zags a shot at knocking off Syracuse.

Remember the last time Gonzaga played in Buffalo. The late Dan Fitzgerald was coaching then. Bud Withers of the Seattle Times tells the story.

Marquette, meanwhile, sees a lot of themselves in Washington. Check out this story in the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.

And don’t forget to vote in the poll.

6 thoughts on “Which Team Makes a Deeper Run: UW or Gonzaga?

  1. Chuck, c’mon now. It’s obviously the Huskies. They’re a strong 11 seed and play Marquette, who they match up well against. Then they’ll most likely take on New Mexico, who is a weak 3 seed.

    Gonzaga, on the other hand, will most likely win their first game against UNLV, but then run into #1 ranked Kansas (who I have in the final).

    UW has the best shot.

  2. Damn, I got things mixed up. Gonzaga plays Florida State first and then most likely Syracuse. I still think going up against a #1 is most difficult than a 6 and a 3. If the Dawgs can get by the first round, I see them in the sweet 16 and/or the elite 8.

  3. Is anybody going to cover high school baseball this year? We’ve got golf team previews out, basketball’s over, what’s the story?

    1. Nah, we decided not to cover high school baseball this year. Too cold to sit through those games.
      Just kidding. The preview’s coming. Gotta give us time to breathe, man. Basketball ended last week. You can’t snap your fingers and produce a story and previews of 12 teams.
      Be patient grasshopper. Look for baseball, track and field, tennis, softball and soccer previews in the coming days.

  4. Some people believe that not only will Washington beat Marquette in the first round, the Huskies will also win their second round game and make the Sweet 16. Do you share that sentiment?

  5. Snap your fingers? I go to work every day.

    Some of the teams will have played over 1/3 of their games by next Monday and you’re relaxing?

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