Pac-10’s Nightmare Basketball Season

Did you notice how many Pac-10 men’s basketball teams are ranked this week?

The answer would be zero.

The Washington Huskies, over-hyped and over-rated, have lost three in a row and sit on the bottom of the conference. And they were supposed to be THE team in the conference. What’s going on? Can the Huskies rev it back up? Can they find anyone to pick up the scoring slack? Can Isaiah Thomas figured out a way to score without dominating the basketball?

While you ponder those questions, here’s a pretty good post by Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News. He makes a strong case that the only Pac-10 team that will be playing in March Madness will be the Pac-10 champion.

Can the Huskies bounce back to win it? Of course. The conference is that bad.

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