Is Pete Carroll the Answer for Seahawks?

When the USC Trojans flew north to take on the Washington Huskies this past fall, they looked across the sidelines and saw a couple of former USC assistants — UW head coach Steve Sarkisian and defensive coordinator Nick Holt, both seven-year veterans of the Trojans’ coaching staff.

When USC looks north to Seattle next fall, will they see Pete Carroll walking the sidelines at Qwest Field? ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is reporting that Carroll, the highly-successful head coach at USC, is reportedly a candidate to become the Seahawks new head coach. The names of Tony Dungy, Bill Cower and Jon Gruden have also been tossed around as everybody scrambles to get the story after finding out that the Hawks had fired Jim Mora earlier on Friday.

I’m a little surprised the Seahawks didn’t give Mora another season, but the man who was named to be Mike Holmgren’s successor back in 2008 didn’t have a very good season. It wasn’t the record (5-11) so much as the lopsided losses late in the season that did him in. 

Carroll makes sense from the standpoint that USC could get hit with some serious penalties by the USC for violations regarding past players such as Reggie Bush and McKnight. He’s also got four years of NFL head coaching experience under his belt — a year with the Jets and three with New England. He was 33-31 overall. No doubt, he’s a better coach now than he was during his previous NFL days. He’s charismatic and has enough connections that he should be able to put together a formidable coaching staff.

From the outside, he looks like he’d be a good hire to me.

But what if you could entice Cower or Dungy out of retirement? What if you could lure Gruden away from  his MNF gig?

Remember, money doesn’t seem to be an obstacle with the Seahawks. The Seattle Times reported that owner Paul Allen made the decision to get rid of Mora, who still has three years and $11 million left on his contract.

If anybody can lure Cower or Dungy out of retirement, it’s Paul Allen.

That said, who would you rather have coaching the team: Cower, Dungy, Gruden or Carroll?

ESPN also reported that the Seahawks asked Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier to interview for the job but he turned them down, feeling the Hawks were only trying to satisfy the league’s requirements to interview a minority candidate.


4 thoughts on “Is Pete Carroll the Answer for Seahawks?

  1. Cowher just built a mansion in the Carolinas and is unlikely to come out west. If Dungy could be lured he would be my pick due to his proven success in the NFL.

    Remember in the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy says to Toto – “we’re not in Kansas anymore?” That’s similar to what pro football is to head coaches coming from college. The only real success story I can think of is Jimmy Johnson going from Miami to the Cowboys.

  2. The fact is that USC is about to get slapped with major penalties from the NCAA and will probably have to vacate the national championship. Also, the President of the University is retiring because of illness, they should fire Garrett why they are cleaning house. Garrett is the poster child for idiot athletic directors. Self-serving, narcissitic,incompetent and lack luster performance as an athletic director. Carroll leaving is a sad story, but if that means Garrett can get fired, then it’s worth the loss. lets hire Gruden for the USC job. If not, Leach from Texas Tech. Fight On!

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