Steven Gray Has a Possible Future …. As an Actor

Howie Stalwick, who covers sports in Eastern Washington and beyond for the Kitsap Sun and various other media outlets, has covered former Bainbridge High School basketball star Steven Gray extensively during his three years at Gonzaga University. Last week, Stalwick watched Gray perform in “Take Me Out,” a Tony Award-winning play starring Gonzaga students. Here’s his review:

First of all, I freely admit that my own acting experience is limited to 1) faking a headache when it’s time to mow the lawn and 2) faking interest in listening to anyone else talk about their children. I mean, why would anyone want to waste time talking about THEIR children when they should be talking about MY incredibly brilliant, charming and gorgeous daughters?
That said, I was absolutely overwhelmed — honest, that’s the first word that comes to mind — with Steven Gray’s portrayal of gay baseball star Darren Lemming in the Gonzaga production of “Take Me Out.”
If you did not know better, not one single, solitary soul who saw Gray perform would have come away from the play believing Gray was anything but a veteran actor.
Like all great actors, Gray has a certain presence on the stage. It does not hurt that he is tall, handsome and blessed with an athlete’s natural grace.
I’m not going to bore you with details about the play, partly because I’m a sports writer, not a drama critic. Take my word for it: When Gray is done making millions (or, at the very least, hundreds of thousands) of dollars playing pro basketball in the NBA, Europe or somewhere on the globe after college, he could make it as an actor. He’s that good, in my semi-informed opinion.
What? You doubt my ability to judge a good actor? Listen, buddy, just ask my wife when’s the last time I mowed the lawn.

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