Odds of UW-Gonzaga Renewing Series? Slim and ‘Few’

Did you hear what Gonzaga coach Mark Few had to say when asked if the Zags might be willing to play a three-game series against Washington at KeyArena?

This is what he told Seth Davis of SI.com.:

“The chances of that happening are about the same as Big Foot having my baby,” Few said. “That’s like me saying, Gonzaga proposes a five-year deal at Spokane Arena. There, I just made a proposal. That’s as logical as this deal [would be].”

You can read Davis’ entire post here.

It’s not really surprising that Few feels that way. That said, at least the two sides are talking about playing again. And that’s a good thing. Why not a home-and-home series, the way it used to be. If the Huskies want to play their home game against Gonzaga at KeyArena, let ’em. But Washington should also be willing to travel to Spokane to play Gonzaga in its own gym.

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