First-Teamers on the All-Mom Squad

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, especially to my mom and my wife.

We’ll be celebrating at the ball park, like usual. They don’t stop playing baseball because it’s Mother’s Day, and we’ll head over to Seattle to take in an Olympic College-Shoreline doubleheader at Green Lake. Nobody’s twisting their arms. They want to go to the games. My son’s an assistant coach at OC, and my mom and my wife are among the Rangers’ biggest fans.

I’ll never be able to repay my mom and wife for all the support they’ve given me over the years. I know my son feels the same way. He knows what a fun and cool mom’s he’s got. His grandma, who can rattle those pots and pans, will give him a lunch before the games at Green Lake. And she’ll probably toss in extra cookies for the team.

I still remember playing catch in the backyard with her as a Little Leaguer in Texas. She was always there for me – and my friends. Still is. And so is my wife. They’re both unanimous first-team selections on the All-Mom Team.



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