Apple Cup to Qwest? No Way; UW Games to Qwest? You Bet

The Tacoma News Tribune is reporting that Washington and Washington State have reached an agreement on playing the Apple Cup at Qwest Field from 2010 to 2015.

That, for the lack of  better word, sucks. I understand the reasoning. It’s about money and, well, it’s about money. Both schools would benefit in that regard, but in the big picture, the Cougars would be big losers. That game should be played in Pullman every other year. If the Huskies want to move their home Apple Cup game to Qwest,  a mere six miles from campus, that’s cool.

Washington’s currently trying to get the state to chip in $150 milllion toward a rennovation of Husky Stadium. The stadium needs rennovating, but the university needs to figure out a way to fund it without asking the state for help.

In the meantime, move all of Washington’s home games to Qwest. Can you imagine the noise if the Huskies ever got things turned around? It could be a bigger homefield advantage than Husky Stadium?

One thought on “Apple Cup to Qwest? No Way; UW Games to Qwest? You Bet

  1. How can they not want to move the Apple Cup to Quest Field? The MONEY is the key. When Washington State played at husky stadium the pot was around 500,000. When the Apple Cup was played at WSU, it was only around 250,000. Here at Quest field it will be 2 Million dollars. How can you not want to move the game? MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!

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