Clarification About Earlier East High Post

In an earlier post today, I mentioned that Robin Waite, owner of the Pumas, was interested in building a soccer stadium at the old East High/Bremerton Junior High site.

Robin, via e-mail, contacted me and wanted to clarify that he’s interested in LEASING the property, NOT BUYING it.

For some background information, check out my earlier post.

Waite said the concept is to create a consortium to renovate existing buildings. He said the commercial property would be leased to developers and the school district would have the potential to make some money.  “The soccer stadium would be the driving force behind the complex,” he wrote. “There would still be room for an arena especially if there was shared parking.”

It is an interesting concept. Something needs to be done. It’s probably wishful thinking to think that the city, schools and college could do it, but in a best-case scenario, I still think that’s the way to go. But there’s nothing wrong with a private/public partnership.

Robin, thanks for the quick response. You’re one of the area’s true visionaries. We need more people like Robin Waite in our community.

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