The Natural Returns

Everybody’s weighing in on Ken Griffey Jr.’s decision to come back to Seattle. Here’s my two-cents worth.

His return to Seattle is great for Junior, wonderful for the fans, but baseball, in this time of steroids abuse, is the biggest benefactor. Ken Griffey Jr. is the anti-Barry Bonds, the anti-A-Rod. He’s a smiling, fun-loving, graceful-swinging, backward hat-wearing, natural slugger that the game sorely needs.

Now Seattle’s got him back.

Enjoy every swing he takes, every home run he hits, every runner he might throw out. Enjoy the game. At least, you know there’s no need to by cyncial when No. 24 takes the field. He’s not a freak, all-hulked up on steroids. He’s just … Junior, and right now, his legacy has never been bigger.

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