And the Oscar for Best Picture Goes to …. “The Wrestler”

Probably not, but three sports flicks have won the Oscar for best picture in the last 35 years. Can you name them? Didn’t think so. Check out this story about sports movies and the Academy Awards.

I haven’t seen “The Wrestler,” yet, but it’s on my list of things to do. You’ve got to be pulling for a guy like Mickey Rourke, right? I know he’s made share of enemies, but the guy’s so darned interesting. He boxed for a while when his acting career went south, and now he’s back on top. I wouldn’t mind hanging with him for a while. Not for long, but you know the stories would be good.

Here’s a quote from the actor, who admits he wasn’t always on his best behavior in his younger years:

“I was out of control and did not think the party was going to end. I could stay in any hotel, buy anything I wanted (he once bought six Cadillacs for cash and then gave them all away) and take out all my entourage to dinner. My mansion in Beverly Hills was like something from Halloween III – Elvis on acid. My brother and I had six motorcycles each, and we flew the Confederate flag and a Jolly Roger over the garage. The neighbours were moving in and out almost monthly.”

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