Six Things for Hawks’ Fans, Plus Six Trivia Questions

There’s six weeks left for the Seahawks during this lost season. Seattle football fans however, can take solace in the fact that there’s still some things to look forward to. And I’ve thrown in a trivia quiz — one for each of the remaining games just to see how much football you really know:


Nov. 23: Washington Redskins come to Seattle. OK, you’ve got to admit that you’re a little bit interested in the return of Jim Zorn and Shaun Alexander. Zorn, hired to be the Skins offensive coordinator, has evolved into a pretty leader of a pretty good team. Trivia question No. 1: Alexander and Clinton Portis have rushed for more than 8,500 career yards each, althougth Alexander has just 22 of his 9,453 this season. There’s only been one other team in NFL history who had two backs in the same year who with more than 8,500 career yards apiece. Name the team and the players.


No. 27 (Thanksgiving): at Dallas. It’s Thanksgiving. It’s Dallas. That’s worth beating a drumstick about. Trivia question No. 2: This will be the third time Seattle’s played the Cowboys on Turkey day. They met in 1980 and 1986. Do you know the scores of those games?


Dec. 7: Patriots visit Qwest. No Tom Brady, but the Hooded One – Bill Belichick – will be here and so will that Brady-like quarterback, some guy named Matt Cassell. Trivia  question No. 3: Who has more 400-yard passing games in their career, Cassell or Brady?


Dec. 14: at St. Louis. OK, maybe there’s not a lot to look forward to this week … except a win!!!! Trivia question No. 4: Before Jim Haslett, there was Scott Linehan. Before Scott Lineham, there was Mike Martz. Before Mike Martz, there was Dick Vermeil. Who coached the Rams before Vermeil?


Dec. 21: The Jets roll into town. Brett Favre plays another game against his old coach, Mike Holmgren. It’s the next-to-last game of Holmgren’s career in Seattle. Favre? He’s probably got 10 good years left. Trivia question No. 5: What’s Favre’s middle name?


Dec. 28: at Arizona. The Hawks close out the season in the desert. How long will it take Mike Holmgren to re-consider his motorcycle ride into the sunset? His hometown 49ers will be calling. Will he listen? His 17th season has been his toughest. I don’t think he wants to

go out this way. Trivia question No. 6: The 12th Man didn’t make


much of a difference this season, but the Seahawks’ loud, boisterous crowd – the noisiest in the NFL – has enticed opponents into more false starts than any place in the league. What’s the record for false starts at Qwest Field?



Quiz Answers

1.     Raiders. Marcus Allen and Eric Dickerson.

2.     1980, Cowboys 51-7; 1986, Seattle 31-14.

3.     It’s a trick question. They both have one. Cassell threw for 400 yards in an overtime loss to the Jets last week.

4.     Rich Brooks, the former Oregon coach, was Rams head coach in 1995 and ’96.

5.     Lorenzo. Go ahead, look it up.

6.     In a 2005 game at Qwest the Giants were hit with 11 false start penalties because of the crowd noise.


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