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The NBA season’s fast approaching, and with the Sonics long gone, I thought you might want to read some of the stuff being written about Bremerton’s Marvin Williams, the 22-year-old who’s heading into his fourth season with the Atlanta Hawks. I saw Marvin before he left for training camp and he’s now carrying 245 pounds, up 15 pounds, on his  6-foot-9 frame.


Is there an extension in Marvin’s future? Probably not, which means he’ll be a restricted free agent at the end of the season.


In this preview about the Hawks, Marvin’s the Man on the Spot for Atlanta. There’s also a look at his value for fantasy basketball owners.


–In his quiet, smooth, deceptive way, this blogger says Marvin’s about to explode.

–Marvin’s one of the many NBA talents that’s coming out of the Seattle area. Check out 2-0-6 Hoops Hotbed here.

Another writer suggests that Marvin will be using this season to determine his value going into free agency so we’ll see if his willingness to sublimate his game is trifled with at all as a result.


Coach Mike Woodson thinks Marvin, who has improved his 3-point shooting, could average about 18.0 points per game this season. 

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  1. Maybe when Seattle gets a new NBA franchise, the Hawks can leave him unprotected in the allocation draft or trade him to his hometwon team. Just a thought….

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