A 12th Man Not to Be Proud Of

People think European soccer fans are nuts, but NFL fans might be the biggest nutcakes of all. You ever jumped on a ferry packed with Seahawks fans? You feel like you’re going to a Halloween party on New Year’s Eve.

Of course, these proud, loud fans have a right to express themselves any way they desire. Most of them are harmless. They just want to have a little fun and they love their Seahawks. But there’s always a few bad apples in the crowd.

Here’s a Seahawks’ fan nobody can be proud of. I hope he doesn’t live in Kitsap County. Read all about this loon in this blog post. What was he thinking?

One thought on “A 12th Man Not to Be Proud Of

  1. Anyone who uses 9/11 as a source for humor is not funny. This person, whoever he is, should not be a Seahawk fan anymore. What was he thinking? Well, he couldn’t have been thinking in the first place to do something this stupid.

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