Yikes! Ichiro Haters in His Own Clubhouse

As if the Mariners didn’t have enough problems.

This, on the day after loss No. 100, from Part II in a series about rebuilding the Mariners written by Jeff Baker of the Seattle Times:

“And it was a clubhouse in need of some direction, given the problems engulfing it as the season came undone. When it came to Ichiro, who got too to a typically slow start in April and part of May, the internal turmoil nearly hit its boiling point. “I just can’t believe the number of guys who really dislike him,” said one clubhouse insider. “It got to the point early on when I thought they were going to get together and go after him.” The coaching staff and then-manager John McLaren intervened when one player was overheard talking – in reference to Ichiro – about wanting to “knock him out.” A team meeting was called to clear the air.”


I happen to be in the camp among those who think Ichiro is overrated, but never imagined the quirky outfielder from Japan was so unpopular within his own clubhouse that players would want to “go after him.”

What’s your take on Ichiro? Should the M’s trade him, send him and his bat humidors to another team. Do you perceive him as a selfish player? Or is the criticism of Ichiro totally off base? If the M’s were winning, would Ichiro be looked at differently?






2 thoughts on “Yikes! Ichiro Haters in His Own Clubhouse

  1. Listen up! Ichiro is THE best thing going for those losers! He’s solid as a rock, consistent, a no-brainer hall of famer. There won’t be a team in Seattle not long after he hangs it up with them.

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