Olympic Trivia: Part II

In a previous post, I posed a trivia question about Kitsap Olympians. Besides swimmers Tara and Dana Kirk (2004, Athens) and Nathan Adrian and Emily Silver (2008, Beijing), can you name any other Olympics from our neck of the woods?

I said there were two more: Kayaker Scott Shipley from Poulsbo (’92, ’96, ’00) and runner Brad Barquist from Bainbridge (’96, Atlanta).

I was wrong.

Good Ole George wrote back to tell me that Christian Welp, the former Olympic High and UW hoops star, played basketball for Germany. He’s right. Welp, who led Oly to state hoops title and went on to play in the NBA, played in the ’84 Olympics in Los Angeles for the Germans. George thinks Welp might be an assistant coach with the Dirk Nowitzki-led Germans in Beijing, but I couldn’t confirm it.

In addition to Welp, I remembered two more Kitapers who competed in the Olympics. How could I forget Sean Spencer, the former Mariners pitcher from South Kitsap? He was on Greece’s baseball team in the ’04 Games.

And how about Mike Stevenson? Gotcha don’t I. Stevenson’s a roller hockey star from Bremerton who played on the national team that competed in the ’92 Games in Barcelona. Roller hockey was an exhibition sport that year. He’s the same Mike Stevenson who became father of quintuplets in March of 2006.

Are there any other Olympians out there we’ve overlooked?

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