Stark Truth: ESPN’s Stark Weighs in On M’s


Here’s what Jayson Stark (no relation) of wrote about the M’s following Thursday’s trading deadline:

“If  ever there was a team that should have used this deadline to clear out as much money, dead weight and extraneous parts as it could export, wasn’t Seattle it?


So how could this deadline have come and gone with only Rhodes driving into the sunset? How could Ibanez still be there? How could Jarrod Washburn still be there? How could one-third of that roster not have been traded in the past couple of weeks?


“I’m cutting them a little slack,” one rival GM said. “They’re leader-less right now.”


True, they have an interim GM (the well-liked Lee Pelekoudas) and a confusing ownership arrangement and an uncertain chain of command. But they angered teams they spoke to with what were widely viewed as outrageous demands. And the bottom line is that this deadline represented a lost renovation opportunity in the middle of an already-lost season. And how many lost opportunities can clubs like this afford?


“I really don’t know how to describe that club right now,” one AL executive said. “It just seems to be a train wreck out there.”

Agree or not, the team that was supposed to challenge the Angels for the AL West title this season is now 28 games out of first place and on its way to a 100-loss season. They’ve become a laughingstock. They are a “train wreck.”


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