Stark Truth: It’s Time to Build Our Dream 18

If you’re a golfer living in this area, you’re pretty lucky. The Olympic Peninsula has a well deserved reputation for having some pretty spectacular golf courses. Everybody, no doubt, has a favorite track. But what about your favorite holes?
We’re in the process of building our Dream 18, using our best holes from the courses on this side of Pugetopolis.
Staff writer Jeff Graham and myself have met with a few pros and golfers in the region to get their input on the top holes in the area. You can argue all day about what makes a hole great: Sometimes it’s because of its unique features or maybe because it’s appealing to the eye and you’ll remember it forever because of the challenge it presents? Would it be a great hole on any course?
Anyway, with help from our panelists, we’re gonna make some tough decisions and come up with four par 3s, four par 5s and 14 par 4s to build a 72-par course.
Anybody out there got any opinions on the best holes in our region.
Cal Decker, I know you’ve got an one? Please, get back to me on this one.
Any holes from the Narrows Bridge (Canterwood, Madronna Links) to Sequim (Dungeness, SunLand, SkyRidge) and every hole in between (Trophy Lake, Alderbrook, Bayshore, Lake Cushman, Trophy Lake, LakeLand Village, Village Greens, Gold Mountain, McCormick Woods, Rolling Hills, Kitsap, White Horse, Port Ludlow) are fair game.
We’ve got a list started, and we need to cut it down, so get back to me quick if you think there’s a hole that deserves to be on our Dream 18. Well, it’s actually your Dream 18.
Man, if we could only get a tee time on this course after we build it.

4 thoughts on “Stark Truth: It’s Time to Build Our Dream 18

  1. Dave,
    Sorry, No. 8 at Alderbrook was discussed, but didn’t make the cut.
    Because of staff vacations and the Olympics, this project might get pushed back but we’re going to do our best to try and publish the story with video of all the holes that made the list this month.
    Alderbrook is represented on our Dream 18.
    It’s a pretty sweet list. Not everybody will agree with our selections, but that’s OK. Staff writer Jeff Graham and I talked to over a dozen pros and players from the area and pretty much came to a consensus on our Dream 18. There were some tough choices. We’ll probably list a second-team All-Kitsap Dream 18 or at least an honorable mention list of holes that drew a lot of support.

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