Stark Truth: Raising Red Flag About Possible Lions Park Changes

It’s no secret that the city of Bremerton is strongly considering getting rid of the two adult softball fields at Lions Park, which sits along the waterfront in East Bremerton off of Lebo Boulevard.
Parks director Wyn Birkenthal said the city would be interested in replacing those fields with two 300-foot diamonds with lights at school district property where the former East High/Bremerton Junior High sits. The Bremerton School District, city of Bremerton, Olympic College, Public Facilities District and other groups have been represented at meetings discussing the possibility of building a sports complex on that site while keeping the gym, auxiliary gym and perhaps a few classrooms.
It’s a joint-project that makes sense, but does removing two fields at Lions Park make sense? Those fields also double as youth baseball fields.
What do the citizens of Bremerton gain by getting rid of the softball fields? More picnic areas? The shoreline facility already has several picnic benches and park benches, a walking trail that’s used throughout the day, a boat launch and large waterfront dick, two restrooms area and 150 parking spaces? OK, part of the asphalt parking lot is on some prime waterfront property, but that’s not all bad. You can’t build condos down there? Well, I’m sure somebody would love to try, but that would never fly.
Will more people use Lions Park if they get rid of the softball fields? I think that is the question that needs to be addressed.
It’s a useage issue. What can you add to that existing 15-acre park that would make it more popular than it currently is?

One thought on “Stark Truth: Raising Red Flag About Possible Lions Park Changes

  1. I hope the baseball fields aren’t taken out..but a bicycle racing track and a hired bike racing trainer could give lessons.
    Sharon O’Hara

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