Stark Truth: Celebrating Father’s Day …. Parking Tickets (Agghgg!!!!)

Sorry, I’ve got to get this off my chest. It has nothing to do with sports, unless you consider dodging the parking gendarmes a sport.
My wife and I got to my folks’ house – where I grew up — around noon on Sunday to spend some time with my old man on Father’s Day. My parents live in Bremerton near PSNS, where parking is limited. They keep their car in the garage and have a visitor’s permit for another car to park in front of the house. The closest paid parking lot is about five blocks away, off of Burwell near the cop shop.
But it’s Sunday. Father’s Day for gawdsakes. Who’s thinking about paid parking and visitor’s permits? Anyway, my son and his girl friend parked in the spot in front of the old homestead. I pulled next to the curb on the same side of the street, just on the other side of the alley. It’s legal, or so I thought. I’ve done it a hundred times.
After brunch, my son and his girl friend are standing in front of the house when the parking Nazi from Diamond Parking stops to slap a ticket on the windshield of his car. He’d just finished putting a citation on my car.
Made aware of this, I go outside and tell the guy, “Hey, we haven’t been here for two hours.” Curbside parking downtown, at least by The Sun, is limited to two hours, and I figured it must be the same in my old hood.
He holds up a finger, indicating it’s one hour parking.
I was tempted to hold up a finger, too, but could only muster a cynical “Happy Father’s Day,” as he drove off.
You can celebrate traditional family values in the city of Bremerton, but you can’t park in front of your father’s house without the risk of getting a $25 ticket.
It’s a sure sign that the Bremerton renaissance is in full swing when the town’s so busy you can’t park in front of your parents place on Father’s Day without courting the wrath of Diamond Parking.
Gotta keep those spots open for the out-of-town visitors flooding into the city and dropping tons of cash in Bremerton. God knows there’s no end of places to spend your money on a Bremerton Sunday.
One hour parking, 24 hours a day, seven days a week: Good to be reminded that Bremerton’s got its priorities straight as it heads deep into the 21st century.
Dad, it was nice to see you, but I don’t think we’ll make it next year unless you can provide more ample parking.

8 thoughts on “Stark Truth: Celebrating Father’s Day …. Parking Tickets (Agghgg!!!!)

  1. We too ran into the parking police yesterday. Went to the mariners game and also could not believe the one hour limit seven days a week.

    I think it is one of two things: either we want to pretend we are like the big city and people are just flocking in, or it is an underhanded plot to justify the need for a money making parking garage built by the city of Bremerton.

  2. You, are the sport editor for the sun correct. So, did you miss the U.S. Open yesterday? Leave your rants about parking in Bremerton to the Letters to the Editor section.

  3. I am with you on that. My daughter parked in the driveway of a friends house with a teeny tiny bit of her bumper sticking out on the sidewalk but leaving plenty of room for more than one person to get by. It was on a Saturday about 3:30 and she was there for half an hour. When she got out….a $45 dollar ticket for partially blocking the driveway?? So I am wondering, do you now have to ask permission to park in your friends driveway?

  4. Yeah, I saw the Open. Rocco and Tiger. Thought I was tuning into a 1950s middleweight championship fight.
    Good stuff. Just when you think Tiger can’t top what he’s already accomplished, he does. The eagles on Saturday, the birdie putt on No. 18 on Parking Ticket Sunday to force the playoff, the birdie on the sudden-death hole to win it. He’s truly the King of Clutch. And he did it with a bum knee.
    The guy is amazing. He probably could have figured out a way to avoid the parking ticket, too.

  5. I don’t even like golf. That said, Tiger’s game was one heart stopping moment after another. Those watching watched golf history take a new turn in focus and courage. His dads smile must have lit up Heaven…nothing boring about that game.

    Why doesn’t the city make parking free on Sunday?
    Sharon O’Hara

  6. Mr. Stark, It is the fault of all of those evil shipyard workers (myself included) that clog all of the residential streets weekdays and an occasional weekend. Of course now, it has evolved into a cash cow for the city. Pick-up your father next year and take him to your house!

  7. Me thinks the parking problem has gone on long enough, but will only get worse because of the city’s priorities; that priority being revenue. The Navy should supply parking for it’s workers, even if it’s paid parking. The city doesn’t say anything because it rakes in the money. Diamond Parking is happy as a big in the mud, enjoying the benefits of Bremerton’s willingness to partake in the conflict of public interest allowing the competition to police the city’s parking areas.

    Chuck, I’m not a big follower of sports except water, but have you reported on the historical shimping season that went on and on and on, apparently because so few people want to deal with the hassles anymore? I’m used to seeing 80-120 boats on opening day on the Canal and I counted but 22. Following days that were open saw even less boats out there. It is sort of sad to see the tradition die and it didn’t even require a sports arena.

  8. Tom … Good idea.

    Times have changed and the Navy should work with Bremerton to solve the parking problem – getting the cars out of Bremerton – and it wouldn’t take them long.

    What is the story of the dramatic decrease of shrimping boats on opening day? I always enjoyed seeing them..what has changed?
    Fishing and shrimping must certainly be considered sports. Only a true sports person would get up so early to fish or shrimp.
    Sharon O’Hara

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