First Barry, Now Roger

Is Roger Clemens starting to sound more and more like Barry Bonds, or is it me?
Don’t you just wish he’d go away — along with all of this controversy about steroids and performance-enhancing drugs?
He talked about what the world owed him during his interview with Mike Wallace on “60 Minutes,” and the way he handled Monday’s press conference reminded me of his bat-throwing incident with Mike Piazza of the Mets. Remember that bizarre scene in the 2000 World Series. I was there, working for CBS Sportsline at the time. My first thought: ‘Roid Rage. Nah, couldn’t be. This is Roger Clemens, the John Wayne of professional sports.

Now he’s complaining about what the world owes him, telling Hall of Fame voters they can keep their Hall of Fame votes.
I don’t know if Clemens used performance-enhancing drugs, but I know he’s not the victim that’s he’s painting himself to be.
“You’d think I’d get an inch of respect,” he whined to Wallace.
Roger, not anymore. Even if you’re as innocent as you proclaim.

One thought on “First Barry, Now Roger

  1. Pity poor Roger. He used the rocket fuel like everyone else. Now he sees his legacy going up in flames and he’s looking for someone to blame. Remember when miscreants used to be scared of Mike Wallace?

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