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Bumbershoot 2008 Day 1: Thao and the Get Down Stay Down

From The Valley it was on to a completely different kind of coolness courtesy of Thao and the Get Down Stay Down. This was the best set I saw from a non-mainstage act all day. Not only was Thao cute and quirky, she interacted with the crowd and told funny stories, and man could she play guitar.

She took to the stage wearing a Thao beer clock like a necklace and later told a funny story about how she thought the clock was cool because it had her name on it. Backed by a solid rhythm section, she twirled and danced while singing. Her voice is like a more tolerable Bjork.

At one point during her set she played guitar with a toothbrush. It was the best toothbrush guitar playing I have ever seen. Although to be fair Thao is the only person I’ve seen play a guitar with a toothbrush.